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Preliminary Updates for 2016 Now Available
  Database of Over 1200 Featured Varieties from 2016
The 2016 Spring Trials Review (5/12/16) -- It was both exciting and at times overwhelming to see yet another new variety with a stunning habit, color or unique feature. California Spring Trials never ceases to be amazing and 2016 was no exception. Many new colors and varieties of existing series or popular brands were plentiful. It started with GreenFues, Ball and everyone @ GroLink on Day One to the group @ Speedling, Danziger and Syngenta on Day Five.

We have attempted to capture all of the business and company news with our Wall photos and all of the new and featured varieties presented at each of the vendor stops. Over the next many weeks, we will be adding this content directly to each company's page and database.

In the interim, please don't hesitiaqte to offer any suggestions, comments or concerns. And of course, let us know if you see anything amiss. "Happy Growing from SpringTrials.org™"

Preliminary Review of California Spring Trials, 2016

Snowstorm® Series by Proven Winners, LLC

From Proven Winners® Spring Trials 2016, a variety with greatly improved heat tolerance, blooms better through the heat of the summer. Greater flower coverage, masses of blue flowers on mounding plants. Grow in a 4.25 Grande™ containers, monoculture or in a combination with other medium vigor varieties. Height: 4-8 inches. Spread: 12-24 Inches. Full Sun to Part Shade. Vigor 2. 'G13340'. USPPAF. CanPBRAF

Snowstorm® Sutera Blue Improved Snowstorm® Sutera Blue Improved Snowstorm® Sutera Blue Improved Snowstorm® Sutera Snow Globe®